What is floating?

Floating, also known as Sensory Deprivation and R.E.S.T. (Restricted environmental stimulation therapy), is allowing yourself to float effortlessly on water that is super saturated with Epsom Salt. The water is kept at skin temperature and the "Float Rooms" are insulated against light and sound.

Why would I float?

Floating has oodles of benefits, ranging from physical to mental! Benefits of floating include softening your skin, improving your circulation, reducing soreness, reducing stress, and encouraging creative thinking (just to name a few). The Epsom salt, zero-gravity environment and sensory deprivation all play a part.

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How do I float?

It's easy! At the beginning of your appointment, we'll give you a tour of the Float Place and then walk you through the process of floating. You can float in either our float rooms or our float tank. Afterwards you can hang out in the post-float room. No need to bring anything but maybe a comb if you have longer hair. We provide towels, earplugs, and toiletries (body wash/shampoo/conditioner).

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When can I float?

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