If you've never floated with us before, we'll have you fill out a form before we check you in. 

We'll give you a brief tour of the float place and an orientation of the floating process. 

Once you're in your private float room, you'll disrobe and put your ear plugs in. You'll take your first shower to rinse off any deodorant/makeup/perfume/cologne. We provide shampoo and body wash. 

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After your first shower, you're ready to float. You can step into the float room, shut the door, lay down on your back, and turn off the light. 

Music will signal the end of your float. It will be soft and meditative and isn't an alarm clock - so take your time. Find the door and push it open, then step out of the float room and take your post-float shower. For this shower we have conditioner available. 

After you're showered and dressed, you can come back to reality in our post-float room