Floating, also known as Sensory Deprivation and R.E.S.T. (Restricted environmental stimulation therapy), is allowing yourself to float effortlessly on water that is super saturated with Epsom Salt. The water is kept at skin temperature, and the "Float Rooms" are insulated against light and sound.

For the first time ever, all stimuli are removed from your brain and your body isn't fighting gravity. Without this constant rush of feedback, your body has a ton of extra resources at its disposal. As a result, positive hormones, such as Dopamine, are pumped out while stress related hormones, such as Cortisol, are greatly reduced. All of the joints, muscles and ligaments in your body are finally able to fully stretch and de-stress due to the lack of gravity and huge dose of Magnesium from the Epsom salt.

Floating has a plethora of benefits and applications for health, personal development and well-being. To learn more about the benefits, Click Here