What is Floating?


What is Floating?

What is Floating?


Floating, also known as Sensory Deprivation and R.E.S.T. Therapy, is allowing yourself to float effortlessly on water that is super saturated with Epsom Salt. The water is kept at skin temperature, and the "Float Rooms" are insulated against light and sound.

For the first time ever, all stimulus is removed from your brain, and your body isn't fighting gravity. Without this constant rush of feedback, your body has a ton of extra resources at its disposal. As a result, positive hormones, such as Dopamine, are pumped out, while stress related hormones, such as Cortisol, are greatly reduced. All of the joints, muscles, and ligaments in your body are finally able to fully stretch and de-stress due to the lack of gravity, and huge dose of Magnesium from the Epsom Salt.

Our Rooms are setup so that our clients can go at their own pace. There are no locks on the tank doors, and there are interior lights that the user can switch on or off. There is about 250 Gallons of Water and 1400Lbs. of Epsom Salt dissolved in the water. The result is water that is so heavy, that it naturally holds you at the top of it. Between each user, a very powerful filtration/sanitation system is switched on. This system, which features an 80 Watt UV Light system and 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, turns the water over every 6 minutes. The water is turned over a minimum of 4 times between clients. We have never had an issue with our water staying clean, or users becoming ill during or after their float.

About us

About us

About us...


My first experience in a float tank was absolutely life changing. The overall sense of calm, and positive sense of well-being was not only immediately realized, but stuck with me in the days following the float. I found I had much more patience in dealing with things that would normally really upset me. I felt more limber, alert and energized than I had since I could remember. I knew this was for me, and that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I immediately went to work on a business plan to open The Float Place, Long Island’s first float center.

Like many others, I first heard about Float Tank Therapy while listening to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Joe constantly raved about the benefits of floating, and the many ways it positively impacted his life. I became curious enough to look into it – after a lot of research, it seemed no one had anything bad to say about their time in a float tank. Floating for the first time was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve never felt more relaxed and at peace than when I was in that tank.

After that day, I decided to open up The Float Place here on Long Island, so more people could experience the joy that floating provides. It’s unlike anything else on earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions...

Even though Floating has been around for quite sometime, many people still have a ton of questions regarding the process, the float pools, and the benefits. We did our best to answer the most frequently asked ones here. Please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know!


How big is the floating area?

-There are many different types of float "tanks", we have custom built 6x8x8 float rooms. They are similar in size to an elevator. Each of our float rooms, has a user controller interior light, non lockable full sized door, and a ventilation system to circulate the air throughout your float.


I don't know how to float! I could never do it in a pool or the ocean. Can I drown? How deep is it?

-The pools have about 250 gallons of water, and 1400 pounds of Epsom Salt dissolved into it. Thanks to the ultra high salinity of the water, you don't have to waste time holding your breathe or paddling your arms, the water holds you up! You'll never sink, or drown. Your body will float effortlessly and automatically upon laying down in the water. A little more than half of your body, including your ears, will be below the water line. This helps in getting rid of outside noise while floating. The water is between 10.5-11 inches.


What can I expect when I come to The Float Place?

-Upon arrival for your first visit, you will be greeted and asked to fill out a short waiver before we show you to your suite. The rooms are extremely private, and everything is provided for you. You will be given a complete walk-through, asked to shut your phone off, and sent on an amazing experience! 


What can I expect upon entering the tank?

-We have had many people who have come in a little nervous about their float, and really want to know what to expect. The word Peaceful is probably the most common description of a float. There are no cell phones, clocks, tablets, or bright lights in the tank. This means you can open your eyes, and still have them be in a relaxed state. Many tell us they aren't sure if their eyes were opened or closed, during their float.


Am I free to exit the tank whenever I want? I'm a bit nervous.

-Of Course! There are no locks on the tanks, and you're free to get out at any time throughout your float. It is very important for you to to know that YOU, are in control of the float at all times.


How Sanitary is the tank? How is the water kept clean?

-The water in the tanks is constantly being filtered. Our filtration and sanitation system are specifically designed to handle the salt water. The combination of the high-salinity salt water, powerful UV sterilizing bulb, and 35% Hydrogen peroxide are more than up to the task of keep the water clean and free of bacteria. We also utilize a cartridge filter to remove any further debris that may be in the water.


90 Minutes seems like a long time. What if I get bored?

-While sitting in line at the D.M.V. for 90 minutes may seem like hours, your 90 minutes of floating will absolutely fly by. Most tell us that is felt more like 25-30 minutes. 


Our Center

Our Center

Pricing and Memberships

Pricing and Memberships

Pricing and Memberships


We offer a few different options for those who come and float.


90 Minute Float-$70


First Time Floater Special-(2)90 Minute Floats for $110.

This is only available your first visit, and is not transferable.


Monthly Membership-$50 per month. Covers one float every month, and offers additional floats at a discounted rate. Floats you pay for do not expire, and are fully transferable.


Gift Certificates are available for purchase online via Paypal. Gift Certificates are mailed out via USPS within 48 hours of purchase. 

Contact Us

Contact Us


The Float Place is located at

2005 Deer Park Avenue. Suite 2

Deer Park, NY 11729



Mon and Wednesday-10AM-10PM

Thursday and Friday-10AM-12AM

Saturday and Sunday-8AM-12AM

Tuesday-Closed for maintenance


If you would like to schedule a float, we can be reached at 631-487-0424 or at You can also view our availability and book online by Clicking HERE


We book floats in 2 hour increments. This allows adequate time for clients to get the most out of their floats, and allows for us to clean the rooms, and turn the filtration system on. Our powerful system circulates the entire solution of water every 7 minutes. 



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